Have a Ball, Cake Balls
Price List
Have A Ball, Cake Balls!
The best cake balls in Fort Worth
Have A Ball, Cake Balls is introducing Brand New Packages!! Be sure and check them out because you don't need to have a big party to enjoy these little treats!!
12 Cake Balls-$18.00

24 Cake Balls-$36.00

36 Cake Balls-$54.00

48 Cake Balls-$72.00

55 Cake Balls-$82.50

72 Cake Balls-$108.00

84 Cake Balls-$126.00

120 Cake Balls-$180.00

4th of July Cake Balls
Packaged Cake Balls just for you.
German Chocolate Cake Balls - Yum!
Great TCU Cake Balls
Cake Balls displayed for a party!
**Please note that you are able to combine any flavors in your order. Also, be aware that an additional $12.50 will be added with the Liquor Cake Balls.**

24 Liquor Cake Balls would be $48.50
$36.00 plus the additional $12.50 due to the Liquor would be a total of $48.50

**Please Order in Advance. Any order that is not placed two weeks in advance, Have A Ball, Cake Balls! will have to charge a $25.00 "rush fee" to fulfill the order.**
Yummy Oreo Cookie Balls
Flavorful and Colorful Cake Balls
Valentine Cake Balls
Have a Ball! Oreo Cookie Balls!
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Cake Pops


$24.00 per dozen

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